Origo 2018 – Geographical Indications Global Forum

Origo 2018 edition will be held in connection with Cibus 2018, the International Food Exhibition that will take place in Parma, Italy, on the 8th May 2018

The first ORIGO Global Forum on Geographical Indications held in Parma in April 2017 was a success: over 350 participants  from more than 20 countries testify it. The forum has clearly shown that the global and multi-stakeholder approach meets  the expectation to create an open and challenging environment where researchers, policy makers, representatives of farmer  organization as well as food companies, cooperatives and consortia, international organizations and GI networks,  can positively address very diverse topics related to the GI world. The general aim of the second edition of Origo Global Forum is to strengthen the relationships among these different  stakeholders focusing effectively some selected key issues that will be addressed.

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9:30 Start of works and Welcome address

Session I
GIs and trade agreements: can we move from bilateral agreements to a broader multilateral scheme?
In this section, a comparison of different approaches followed in various bilateral international agreements (e.g. EU-China, CETA, EU/Japan, etc.) to mutually protect GIs will be presented and discussed with the aim of evaluating their positive effects and limitations and to discuss if and how a general path can be identified in order to move towards
a generalized and shared approach.

Session II
GIs and sustainability: challenges and opportunities
The issue of sustainability of the agri-food production is one of the most important, today and for the next future,  and it has relevant implications both in the developed and in the developing countries. However, there is increasing evidence  that GIs may represent a very effective tool to achieve many of the Sustainable development goals.

Session III
Joining tradition and innovation: challenge, need or opportunity?

The issue of innovation is crucial for the agri-food sector: new needs and new opportunities are a challenge for the future  of GIs. What kind of innovation is needed and/or useful for GIs in order to strengthen time, tradition, sustainability and  competitiveness all at the same? This session will provide the opportunity for a multi-stakeholder discussion on this topic.

End of works speech with Commissioner Phil Hogan