G7GI Conference – GIs Organizations International Meeting

On the occasion of the G7 meeting of the Ministers of the Agricultural Policies (Agri-G7) that will be held on October 14th-15th 2017 in Bergamo, a side event – the “G7 – Geographical Indications Conference” – will also take place. Its main objective is to confirm the importance of the GIs sector within the international policy plan. Delegations of producers’ organizations of the G7 Countries are invited to have a seat at the meeting, to discuss in front of other invited delegations about important topics involving the GI products. Thanks to the presence at the Agri-G7 of international Ministers and decision makers in agricultural policy, as well as Members of the EU Parliament involved in promotion and protection of Geographical Indications, the GIs meeting will be an affirmation – in front of organizations, political representatives and international media gathered at Agri-G7 – of the economic, social and cultural values represented by the model of Appellations of origin.

G7_italiaThe Ministerial Meeting Agriculture taking place in Bergamo on October 14th – 15th is one of the several meetings of the G7 Summit. The chief features of G7 are the intergovernmental nature of the preparatory process and its informality, which makes it easier for the leaders to discuss the world’s major issues and to rapidly devise and agree on solutions to them.


The main issues that the event is intended to deal with will be:

  • The importance of GIs as a model of development to improve incomes of the agri-food chain in developing countries and countries with a great emigration;
  • The need to strengthen GIs’ placement and directly linked themes, in the context of an international scenery which is increasingly involved in trade agreements with the aim of sustaining and developing the interchange of goods and services;
  • The opportunity to broaden the support of a model based on GIs, as a response to the total closure opposed by some economic positions which adverse the Geographical Indications’ protection system, by creating interest for such a system in countries in search of references;
  • The importance to ensure, also thanks to the GIs’ system, a sustainable growth;
  • The analysis of the e-commerce development and its massive influence in the diffusion of the GIs’ knowledge, but at the same time the importance to set monitoring systems to prevent the diffusion of fake news or counterfeit products.

The G7 of the Geographical Indications has the objective to achieve the realization and subscription of a political document shared by producers’ organizations who represent GIs in Countries adhering to the G7.The document will be exposed at the Agri- G7 to the Ministers of Agricultural Policies during planned reunions, it will be object of international media campaign through media following the delegations.

The G7 meeting of the Geographical Indications will have a qualified audience (by invitation only):

• Delegations of Countries attending Agri G7
• GI Representatives of G7 Countries
• Political decision makers
• International organizations
• Non-governmental organizations
• Producers’ category associations
• Other supply chain stakeholders
• Media


“The development of the GIs System in the World” Workshop
GIs organizations’ meeting to draw up a strategic political document concerning several actions to carry out at an International level.

* Closed meeting; by invitation only, reserved to the Food, Wine and Spirits GIs organizations of the G7 member Countries as well as other Countries.

Lunch break

GIs Producers’ Organisations conference
Official presentation of the final political document signed by the participant GIs organizations during the GIs workshop to the institutions and press.

*Meeting reserved to G7 delegations, GIs’ organisations, institutions, companies and press.

Welcome speech: Gianni Fava – Assessor of Agriculture Lombardy Region (to be confirmed)


Maurizio Martina

Italian Minister of Agricultural Policies


Press Conference



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