Tørrfisk fra Lofoten IGP training project



Training and consultancy project for the Tørrfisk fra Lofoten PGI enterprises (Norway)


Training project organized by Qualivita Foundation on behalf of Innovation Norway Nordland, Innovation Norway Milano, Norwegian Seafood Council, three Norwegian governmental organizations, in the context of FRAM programme.

The professional training project consists of one workshop and three seminars about the GI development strategies for the Tørrfisk fra Lofoten PGI (Lofoten’s stockfish) supply chain stakeholders. This format includes lectures involving producers’ representatives, certification bodies, PGI product’s promotion and valorization bodies as well as Italian PDO & PGI products’ Consortia.

Preparatory Workshop – The GIs value

The aim of this workshop is to provide information about the importance of PGI designation and the potential added value for the Tørrfisk fra Lofoten PGI.

Module 1 –The GIs and Production network systems

The goal of this seminar is to help develop GI value’s culture and network-implemented development models.

Module 2 – Certification cognition: Quality control systems

This seminar is addressed to the main target and enterprise quality supervisors and the objective is to introduce the most important European public certification systems and the enterprise implementation models.

Module 3 – Development of an Associative Organization

Another seminar targeting the company owners and especially legal and marketing experts. The goal is attest the know-how of the main activities inside a GI product’s protection and promotion organization.


  • To offer the Tørrfisk fra Lofoten PGI supply chain stakeholders a basic training project to help them develop an efficient “Controls’ System” and “Management system” inside an associative network in the context of GI sector and European trade market.
  • To supplement the consortium development with operational consultancy about networking, marketing, protection and valorization in the European market, as well as with a control system implementation following the responsible bodies’ directives.


  • Tørrfisk fra Lofoten PGI enterprises
  • Norwegian Certification bodies
  • Norwegian agri-food promotion and valorization bodies


  • Classes held by university professors and the following sectors’ experts (strategic management, marketing, supply chain organization, internationalization etc.)
  • Best practices and success stories from Italian PDO & PGI products’ Consortia representatives


  • Strategy planning and implementation in order to get PGI’s added value
  • PGI protection and valorization Consortia model following Start-up


2016 – 2017



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