PDO Street Food


PDO Street Food – communicating certified quality in the fast food sector


The Qualivita Foundation provided its editorial and scientific services for of all the facets of this project.


The project stems from the desire to promote the PDO and PGI products that are linked to a widespread and fashionable restaurant model based on great traditions, like street food. Quality street food represents a valid new channel for the promotion and protection of Protected Geographical Indications, one that is also able to have an impact on the target market which is the most difficult for traditional products to reach: young consumers.

Over the years, the project has been divided into different activities and communicated through different channels: CiboDiStrada.it, a dedicated website created in collaboration with Italiaonline; “La Guida al miglior cibo di strada”, a book published by Gribaudo-Feltrinelli; “Street food heroes”, a television series aired by Mediaset Italia Uno; and the diffusion of an ‘ad hoc’ digital communications project on the main social networks.


  • Promote PDO and PGI products among young consumers through the renewed social phenomenon of street food
  • Valorise a democratic restaurant model that is linked to quality agri-food
  • Support protection consortia and PDO PGI producers with the use of new forms of marketing


Italian consumers linked to informal eating out with focus on a young target audience


  • Building a Database of Italian street food products and establishments
  • Creating, managing and developing an Italian street food network
  • Conceiving and realising editorial works in paper format: La Guida al miglior cibo di strada (Guide to the best street food)
  • Editorial choices and presentation of the Street Food Heroes television programme
  • Creation of web content and graphics for CiboDiStrada.it
  • Planning and implementing social media campaigns


The significant viewing figures for Street Food Heroes and the data on the diffusion of the guide and the contacts registered by the website have proved the value of this project, which can be given merit for opening up the world of PDO and PGI products to a vast public of street food lovers, many of which are young people.





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