Standard Qualivita


Standard Qualivita – Certification scheme to guarantee consumer communication


The Standard Qualivita is the first private and voluntary European certification scheme to define criteria which guarantee the veracity and transparency of communication on food quality and services provided by the companies participating in the project.

The participating companies must result as being in compliance with requirements that can be impartially verified by an independent third-party Control Body. The company’s compliance with the requirements set out in the Standard is ascertained by verifications carried out by a third-party control body, CSQA Certificazioni s.r.l, which is entrusted with carrying out the control procedure. The Standard is the means with which the Qualivita Foundation grants use of the Q-Qualivita mark, exclusively to companies in the restaurant industry that meet the requirements set out in the Specification and Regulations on using the mark: transparent communication, customer service, valorisation of quality products.


  • The Standard Qualivita aims to guarantee the transparency and veracity of information relative to the quality of the products and services offered by a company in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel.
  • Created to meet the growing needs of restaurants and consumers in terms of the safety, transparency and quality of food.
  • The company’s commitment to promote and encourage the consumption of the quality agri-food products they serve, and to not use “PDO/PGI-like” products.
  • The company makes a commitment to informing the customer about all their activities related to communication, customer service, use of quality products, reported in the Corporate Annual Report or on their website.


  • Companies in the Ho.Re.Ca channel
  • Consumers


The Qualivita Foundation, together with CSQA certificazioni Srl, has compiled the “Report on Quality”, a document designed to inform consumers about the status of the Standard Qualivita application by participating companies. The report focuses on information concerning the quality of products and services, and on the commitment to the transparency of information, with the aim of making the quality achieved by the company and the quality perceived by the consumer coincide, thereby eliminating the distance between what is interpreted as technical-production quality and consumer-oriented quality.


On the one hand, the Standard and the Report meet the growing needs of restaurants and consumers in terms of the safety, transparency and quality of the food that is being served. On the other hand, the Qualivita standard permits companies to certify their commitment towards quality policies in the eyes of consumers.




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CSQA Certificazioni s.r.l è uno dei principali Enti di certificazione italiani, una realtà scelta da oltre 4000 clienti tra aziende, laboratori, consorzi e organizzazioni operanti nell’agroalimentare, autorizzata dal MIPAF per il controllo del maggior numero di prodotti tipici italiani DOP IGP STG. Garantisce terzietà, imparzialità e indipendenza della valutazione, anche grazie all’accreditamento Sincert e alla composizione del suo organo di governo, il Comitato Direttivo di Certificazione, che rappresenta l’intera filiera produttiva e dei servizi.