Special projects


The Qualivita Special projects are designed and realised with the objective of promoting and valorizing the Italian and European quality agri-food system. All of the activities regarding PDO, PGI and TSG products are based on specialized formats for operators and experts in the sector and are aimed at a wider target audience  made up of  a general public that is interested in the different aspects of quality food.

Senza-titolo-1The Street Food project stems from the desire to promote the PDO and PGI products that are linked to a widespread and fashionable restaurant model, yet based on great traditions. Very much tied to the world of young people and in continuous growth, the phenomenon of Italian street food can boast one of the greatest heritages of agri-food products and can easily be associated with quality; the rediscovery of the typicalities of a territory and artiginality.  Many Italian PDO, PGI and TSG products are in fact the base of street food in Italy and beyond. A commercial space that DO agri-food companies should safeguard,  not only to benefit from an additional sales market, but also from a more direct contact with young consumers, who are going to supermarkets or restaurants increasingly less. A valid new channel for the promotion and protection of Protected Geographical Indications.


Occhio-alla-SpesaOcchio alla Spesa is a TV programme that was aired on the Italian television channel Rai Uno between 2002 and 2012. The programme was characterised by its cutting edge journalism and carefully selected product information aimed at helping consumers. A successful television format, which brought the flagship public television network the highest viewing figures (an average of about 3 million viewers) out of the programmes aired in the same timeslot. The Qualivita Foundation worked together with the programme writers to air live videos of the Foundation’s Secretary General, Mauro Rosati, during Occhio alla Spesa, aimed at the promotion of Italian and European PDO PGI products and introducing agri-foods par excellence to a wide audience, often not very familiar with the certified products. Over 200 Italian PDO and PGI products were brought into the studio, as well as approximately 60 sectorial operators from consortia or production companies.

Watch the videos of Occhio alla Spesa in Italian

unitaSince September 2011, the national newspaper L’Unità has been publishing the “Food Politics” column in collaboration with the Qualivita Foundation. “Food Politics” was published weekly with a page about food, nutrition and agriculture, with particular attention to Italian companies and productions, it was written by Mauro Rosati, Secretary General of Qualivita. An overview of the world of food and in particular of the policies concerning the entire quality agri-food sector. Thanks to the column in the L’Unità, every week the Qualivita Foundation contributed to informing 300,000 daily readers on the dynamics regarding certified agri-food products, above all bringing the issues inherent in PDO, PGI and TSG products to the attention of the political stakeholders that make up a good portion of this target audience.


conto-italianoThe presence of the Qualivita Foundation on the new “Conto Italiano ” website of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, since May 2012, is the natural consequence of a decade long collaboration. Within this new space, there is an information service on quality called “Viaggio Italiano”: an interactive journey through the Cultural heritage of Italy to take with and for the user.
For the project, in addition to the collaboration with Touring Club for the description of historical villages and Italian Unesco sites, the Bank chose the Qualivita Foundation to develop the “Prodotti del territorio” section, which is dedicated to Italy’s agri-food products par excellence. Using an in-depth fact sheet, Qualivita provided information about the production method, organoleptic characteristics, history and distinctive features of each single certified PDO, PGI and TSG product.


La-nazioneLa Nazione is a national daily newspaper distributed primarily in the regions of Tuscany and Umbria, and in the Province of La Spezia in Liguria, and is part of the QN – Quotidiano Nazionale editorial group. “Sulle rotte del cibo” (On the food routes) is the name of the weekly column written by the Qualivita Foundation during the biennial collaboration (2009/2011) between Qualivita and La Nazione. Mauro Rosati, Secretary General of Qualivita, addresses issues related to the world of quality agri-food, providing a careful and in-depth technical point of view on the subjects dealt with in the column. Through this collaboration, in addition to reaching aware consumers that are attentive to quality products, the Qualivita Foundation accompanied a wider target audience of readers on a journey in discovery of PDO, PGI and TSG products, consisting of an average of 2.5 million daily readers.


The new offer for Summer 2012 by one of the leading companies in the tourism industry, as well as the first Italian tour operator to design and manage the Italian Holiday Village formula on-site, was inspired by the activities of the Qualivita Foundation: discovering areas through the flavours of typical local and regional products. Mauro Rosati, Secretary General of Qualivita, was chosen to present a little theoretical and practical information on food and wine in order for guests to become more familiar with the area surrounding the following Valtur villages: Favignana (Sicily), Ostuni (Apulia), Colonna Beach (Sardinia), Santo Stefano Maddalena (Sardinia), Marilleva (Trentino-Alto Adige), Pollina (Sicily). The presentations, one hour a day for three consecutive days, was mainly characterised by food and wine tastings, supported by handouts with a glossary on the typical agri-food products of the specific geographic area.


conde-nast-travellerConde Nast Traveller Italy (Edizioni Condé Nast SpA), “the monthly traveller’s magazine” with the highest number of readers, offers photographs and articles on tourist destinations, written in the first person, from an original, independent and well-documented viewpoint.
For the first time, in the June 2012 issue, there was a special insert of 18 pages entirely dedicated to Italian PDO, PGI and TSG productions, entitled “Journey through the finest flavours of Italy.” The piece, fruit of a collaboration between the Qualivita Foundation and the monthly travel magazine, takes the reader on a journey through the excellent agri-food products of Italy, from north to south, with descriptions of Italian products with a designation of origin. An atypical journey, confirming Qualivita’s extraordinary ability to transform the flavours of Italy into tourist attractions, thereby introducing the concept of food tourism to more than 100, 000 readers.