Report on quality


The “Report on quality”, compiled by the Qualivita Foundation in collaboration with CSQA Certificazioni Srl, is a document that has been created to inform consumers about the status of the application of the Standard Qualivita by the participating companies. The Standard Qualivita aims to ensure the transparency and accuracy of information relative to the quality of the products and services in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel.

The Standard and the Report aim to meet the growing needs of restaurants and consumers in terms of the safety, transparency and quality of the food that is being served. To pursue the objectives of the Standard Qualivita, verifications and evaluations are made regarding issues concerning the monitoring of agricultural raw materials, agricultural practices, transformation processes and consumer services.

These issues have been identified as priorities, as they are closely related to the objectives of the Standard Qualivita, responding to the perception that consumers in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel need to be reassured with respect to:

  • the quality of what they are eating;
  • the social role of the company;
  • the veracity of the company’s statements / claims / advertising on the quality of its products and services.

This specific report analyses the status of McDonald’s Italy’s application of the Standard Qualivita for the years 2012-2013, with respect to the above-mentioned issues, in order to provide an indispensable tool that enables both the company itself and concerned stakeholders to adapt the concept of quality to the transparency and safety requirements demanded by new market dynamics and consumers.

The report focuses on information about the quality of products and services, and on the company’s commitment to the transparency of information, with the aim of making the quality achieved by the company and the quality perceived by the consumer coincide, thereby eliminating the distance between what is interpreted as technical-production quality and consumer-oriented quality.