Qualivita Observatory


With the Qualivita Socioeconomic Observatory, the Qualivita Foundation constantly promotes and supports studies and research on issues related to the quality Italian agri-food sector, actively collaborating with research institutions and universities.

Since 2003, the Socioeconomic Observatory has been studying and documenting the economic, legislative and communicative world of Italian PDO, PGI, TSG products, the results of which are published in a Report.

Producing a Report that comprehensively represents the framework of certified designation of origin productions, is a work that requires great commitment and it poses many operational difficulties.

In order to overcome a large part of these, the Qualivita Foundation has always chosen to carry out a census survey on:

  • operators in the upstream supply chain, Protection Consortia or producers’ Associations, regarding the economic and communication aspects;
  • regulatory changes, for the legislative aspect;
  • major newspapers and social networks, for the communication aspect.

These three different sources permit a more in-depth and more critical understanding of the quality agri-food sector.


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