Qualivita Atlas 2017 – Food, Wine & Spirits PDO, PGI, TSG

Now in its IX edition, the QUALIVITA ATLAS – special edition compiled on the occasion of G7 2017 ITALIA – Ministerial Meeting Agriculture – brings together Italian PDO PGI and TSG agri-food and wine products in a single volume which includes also a section dedicated to Italian spirits that are recognized as Geographical Indications at European level.

The work, produced under the patronage of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies and in collaboration with Aicig, Federdoc and AssoDistil, contains over 850 updated in-depth fact sheets describing all certified Italian products, including a table with the main economic and production figures.

This volume has been published in both Italian and English languages and includes a detailed description of each made in Italy quality product through news on its production method, history, regulation, nutritional and distinctive features.

New features of the 2017 edition: in addition to a new graphic design including new images that best represent the products, the volume comprises new content information regarding the introduction of more than 30 new Food, Wine and Spirits registered products from 2015 to date and almost 800 regulatory amendments to already protected products. Two different graphical and textual modes in the product fact sheets and Appendix point out all these important legislative interventions ranging from changes in the product specifications to the recognition of the protection and control bodies.

293 Food Fact Sheets
526 Wine Fact Sheets
– 38 Spirits Fact Sheets
– Table with the main economic and production figures
– Analysis of PDO PGI market values

– Languages: Italian, English
– 1040 pages (approx.)

For further information write to segreteria@qualivita.it



More than 850 technical-scientific updated product fact sheets about PRODUCTION METHOD, history, organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of products.


Product photos, cartography of the production areas, references of the protection Consortium and Inspection body, economic and productivity indicators.


Mapping of the legislative updates related to PDO, PGI and TSG products endorsed by the EU and Italy products since the last edition of the Atlas on the occasion of EXPO2015.


An overview of the evolution of EU policies in terms of Inspection and Surveillance as well as International Agreements about the global protection of the Geographical Inidcations