Qualigeo Database


Qualigeo Database – the first database of PDO PGI TSG Geographical Indications


The Qualigeo project regards the creation of the very first systemised database dedicated to FOOD, WINE & SPIRITS Geographical Indication (GI) products recognised by the European Union (PDO, PGI, TSG) and national and international GI protection systems. Over the years, this ‘Encyclopaedic Collection’, which is continuously updated in both Italian and English, has kept in step with the evolution of information technologies in the GI system, contributing to the realisation of avant-garde editorial products in both digital and paper format. The key element in the systemisation of the Qualigeo database is the ‘product fact sheet, which is normalised on the basis of defined informative content that is linked to integrated multimedia information: product specification, regulations, videos, images, news, georeferencing of the production area, companies.


  • To systemise different typologies of information in order to effectively communicate the certified quality agri-food system
  • To create a single communication tool for diffusing the quality of agri-food with a Geographical Indication among consumers
  • To create a Geographical Indications network and corresponding database


  • National and international consumers
  • National and international distribution
  • National and international stakeholders, both public and private, in the GI sector


  • Creation, management and development of an international GI network
  • Data and information research
  • Elaboration of content
  • Graphic design and layout
  • Implementation of digital tools
  • Educational and communication activities


The Qualigeo Database is the first tool in the Geographical Indications system to provide the consumer with complete information about each single product, also giving information on where it is found and where it can be purchased.



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