The Foundation


The Qualivita Foundation was established in Siena in 2002, thanks to an initiative taken by the Tuscany Regional Administration, Provincial Administration, Siena City Council and the Siena Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena and patronage of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. It is a non-profit organization.

Sensitive towards the defence and dissemination of rural culture, Qualivita’s priority has forever been to valorize the quality food sector, and therefore PDO, PGI and TSG products, through its various activities.

All its initiatives have been created with the aim of describing certified products through a complete, organized and easy-to-understand information system. This has led to the Foundation becoming an authoritative reference point for producers, consumers and, in particular, for protection consortia and designated inspection bodies and public authorities.

Thanks to its key role as an interlocutor for different organizations within the sphere of lobbying activities, providing insights to both policy makers and competent European bodies, Qualivita has now become the connective tissue between all the stakeholders that revolve around the agricultural sector. The events that the Foundation has organized for the presentation of studies, and its in-depth technical, scientific, cultural and dissemination initiatives are further confirmation of its importance within the sector.

Furthermore, Qualivita’s projects have increasingly turned their attention towards the Geographical Indications system that is now diffused at international level, seeking to establish stable relationships with various sectorial organizations and associations. The creation of an international network has enabled the Foundation to develop new initiatives aimed at overcoming the fragmentation that currently exists in the sector.

The European product certification system has permitted the concept of quality being only related to tradition to be overcome, affirming a more comprehensive production model that is not about niche products. The challenges ahead for Qualivita will therefore be focused on this new food philosophy – dynamic yet faithful to traditional production techniques, safety and traceability – and, more specifically, on supporting businesses in the Italian and European agricultural sector in their attempt to penetrate new markets. This will be achieved through valorization initiatives aimed at both operators in the sector – buyers, restaurateurs, journalists – and consumers.


The Qualivita Foundation is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Polices as a subject with extensive scientific and technical experience within the quality agri-food sector and, in particular, that of PDO, PGI, TSG agri-food products.

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