European Forum on Food Quality


European Forum on Food Quality – the international network for quality agri-food


The European Forum on Food Quality is a project that was created to bring together key players in the European agri-food sector, so as to monitor and analyse the evolution and future prospects of the system. These international events promote discussions at a political level, offering an opportunity for those who are creating a culture of food quality to compare their experiences: consumers, producers, scientific researchers, popularisers, local, regional, national and international public administrators. The Forum is organised in thematic panels that focus on issues of current interest, with the participation of speakers from around the world. The Forum is hosted by different cities in the EU.


  • To monitor and analyse the evolution and future prospects of the system in the agri-food sector through the participation of opinion leaders from various countries
  • To stimulate discussions about topics of particular interest for the sector, focusing on political priorities and proposing possible development perspectives


Institutions, operators, researchers, national and international popularisers


  • Planning and organising events in various European cities
  • Managing relationship systems with international stakeholders
  • Press Office


The creation of an international network of sectorial organisations and associations


V Forum: 29-30 November 2011

IV Forum: 7-8 October 2009

III Forum: 27-28 November 2006

II Forum: 3-4 June 2005

I Forum: 16-17 April 2004