Tuttofood Award-Qualivita


Tuttofood Award-Qualivita – national competition dedicated to Certified Quality



The CERTIFIED QUALITY award is an initiative born from the partnership between the Qualivita Foundation and Tuttofood – Fiera Milano, to valorize companies and quality certified products. Originally launched at the 2013 Tuttofood Food Exhibition, the competition was renewed at EXPO 2015, open to companies with regulated and voluntary quality standards recognised at Community level, with particular reference to Geographical Indications and Organic products, excellent representatives of Made in Italy. The initiative aims to place the promotion and valorization of certified food products within a context of high international visibility, such as Tuttofood, highlighting elements such as supply chain traceability and transparency in communication related to certification.


  • Valorize the certified products sector through a high visibility event, in order to promote the production supply chains of certified Made in Italy
  • Emphasise the importance of the Geographical Indications (GI) model and Organic products, in particular the aspects that characterise them in terms of traceability and safety
  • Involve operators from all over the country, belonging to different certified production supply chains, in a single international high visibility event


Sectorial producers and operators, national and international media


  • Planning and organising the event in partnership with Tuttofood
  • Selection and evaluation of the finalists – in the role of technical judge – in terms of supply chain traceability and transparent communication regarding the certification of products
  • Press Office


Promotion of certified GI products and Made in Italy Organic products among sectorial operators and national and international media.


5 May 2013 – 31 May 2015




TUTTOFOOD – FIERA MILANO – A partire dalla prima edizione del 2007 è la fiera internazionale del food & beverage organizzata ogni due anni da Fiera Milano. Nelle varie edizioni si è confermato palcoscenico di grande visibilità per presentare prodotti al mercato nazionale ed internazionale, per capire e conoscere le tendenze di mercato.